Hello Chattanooga History Lovers,
I’m so glad you found this website. It is dedicated to my first trade book, AFRICAN AMERICANS OF CHATTANOOGA: A HISTORY OF UNSUNG HEROES, which highlights the impact African Americans have made on Chattanooga, Tennessee since it first came into existence.

This book is a 6-year labor of love. The idea came from a wise man named W.C. Hunter, who noticed that very little information had been divulged about Chattanooga’s African American citizens.

Inspired by his encouragement to create a detailed reference book, I threw myself into the task of researching and writing about Chattanooga’s “black” past. I read many things – some exciting, and some darkly disturbing. I have tried, with this volume, to focus only on early African American achievements, and the lives of both the prominent and the ordinary African American.

Of course, history books are never completely “finished.” Facts and events are constantly being discovered and/or revealed.

That being said, this volume is definitely not “finished.” In fact, I have dedicated an entire room in my house to additional photographs, facts, rare books, and other documentation I was already aware of when this book went to press, but which time and deadlines prevented me from including in this volume.

The research continues.

I hope you enjoy this book, and I hope you’ll pick up your own copy of, African Americans of Chattanooga: A History of Unsung Heroes from Barnes and Noble, Amazon.com, or your local independent bookseller.

Just click on the icon to the right, and you’ll be taken to Amazon’s website, where you can order your own copy online.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Best wishes and happy researching,

Rita Lorraine

One Thought on About The Book

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  1. Hi Rita. I’m Mike Mizrahi, an author of historical fiction. I’m preparing a sequel to my first novel called The Great Chattanooga Bicycle Race. (Check Amazon.com. Type in Mike H. Mizrahi or the total of the book.) I hope you’ll visit my website listed below. In my first novel, there’s a B-story involving an African American family, and my new book will focus on one of the adult children of that family. The working title is Hangman’s Noose on the Walnut Street Bridge, and the book takes place in 1904.

    I would love to chat with you about your book and your knowledge of black history in Chattanooga. Also, I’ll be releasing a book of short stories in the next couple of months, one of which sets up the novel for a 2020 release. I’d love to forward the story to you start a dialogue. I believe I have a copy of your book buried in two large storage units with all our stuff while we build a new home in the state of Washington. I’ll order another copy.

    I promise not to take much of your time. It would be great to have an expert on the subject who can steer me clear me of any mistakes or mistaken notions.


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