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Hi Everybody,
Just passing through to make sure you know about a wonderful book that was written by a wonderful friend who happened to be the daughter-in-law of Dr. Emma Rochelle Wheeler. Read on to find out just who I’m speaking of.

I’m speaking of Mrs. Josephine Dorsey Wheeler, daughter-in-law of the late Dr. Emma Rochelle Wheeler. Miss Josephine (my nickname for her) and I became telephone friends way back in 2003 when Walden Hospital was being renovated by Philanthropist and Developer, W.C. Hunter. I was working on my book, African Americans of Chattanooga: A History of Unsung Heroes, and in my research about southern history and Chattanooga history, I was put in touch with Miss Josephine and her sister-in-law Bette Wheeler-Strictland. Both ladies gladly shared early memories of Dr. Wheeler, her medical practice and her latter years.

Sometime in 2007, Miss Josephine phoned me and said she was writing a story about her grandfather, Mr. John G. Higgins. She said she’d been looking for a picture of him, but couldn’t locate one. I was very excited, because I had found an early picture of Miss Josephine’s grandfather, John G. Higgins, in a 1936 newspaper. I even had a photo of one of the 14 barbershops he owned. I sent the pictures to Miss Josephine and she proceeded to tell me the fascinating story of John G. Higgins.

She told me that John invented the Eureka Straightening Comb and ran several barbershops. His businesses made him quite wealthy, but with that wealth came much pressure, and one day he took his own life right in front of Miss Josephine.

The story was fascinating, and would make a great book. Unfortunately for Miss Josephine, she passed away in early 2008, before her book was finished. Her dear sister, Ms. Evelyn Polk, grabbed the ball from there, and worked with the manuscript until it was finished and published in book form.

To reiterate, I DID NOT WRITE THIS BOOK. It was written by Miss Josephine Dorsey Wheeler, and finished and published by Ms. Evelyn Polk. I’ve sent for my copy, and soon you’ll be able to order your own. At this point, the book is not offered on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. You’ll have to purchase it directly from Ms. Evelyn Polk. Just stay tuned for an update to this article so I can tell you how and where to obtain your own copy.

Looking forward to sharing this treasure with you! Best wishes and happy writing,

Rita Lorraine

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  1. Your great blog is definitely worth a read if anyone comes across it.

  2. interested in family members of Dr.Emma Wheeler. My Grandmother lived on Reed Ave. Chattanooga and stated she had home visits from Dr. Wheeler for OB

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